Fintech Training Programme

The Fintech Training Programme

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The 2024 cohort has now started.

Watch this space for the graduation photos!

Fintech Skills

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The EDD is pleased to fund the Fintech Training Programme for Bermudian learners as follows:

1. Before the deadline announced by the EDD, the learner applies for the Programme and attends the orientation session on the day and time announced by the EDD.

2. By the deadline announced by us, the learner completes the Fintech course of their choice, selected from the list provided by the EDD and sends to the EDD the relevant certificate of completion.

3. By the deadline announced by us, the learner completes the DWD modules and sends to the EDD the relevant confirmation from DWD.

4. The learner attends 100% of the networking sessions organized by the EDD.

5. Once the above steps have been completed, the learner may graduate from the Programme.

6. No later than the graduation day, the learner submits to the EDD:

· Fintech course certificate of completion, and

· Proof of payment for the Fintech course, and

· DWD confirmation of completion.

7. With no unreasonable delay, the EDD will reimburse the cost of the Fintech course to the learner.

Fintech Training Programme

Fintech Training Programme

The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) offers a comprehensive suite of soft-skills training modules on its online platform designed to enhance professionalism and readiness for adult learners. These modules provide valuable insights and skills that promote effective communication, ethical behaviour, and digital security. Together, they form a training module that fosters a well-rounded, professional skill set.

As part of this Fintech Training Programme, you will be invited to select 4 out of the 12 modules available and will receive login credentials to allow you access to these self-paced courses. Successfully completing all 4 modules by the deadline is a scholarship requirement.

The 12 modules available are FREE OF CHARGE to you:

1. Social Media in the Workplace

2. 10 Soft Skills You Need

3. Creative Problem-Solving

4. Digital Citizenship

5. Project Management

6. Workplace bullying

7. Universal Safety Practices

8. Improving Self-Awareness

9. Telephone Etiquette

10. Ethics

11. Cybersecurity

12. Change management.

Fintech Training Programme

Kevin Da Costa

"In order to understand Fintech, you have to go back to its roots."

Bria Maybury

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to take part in this programme: I have gained valuable knowledge."

Maurice Steede

"I now feel more comfortable trading in digital assets."

Caleb Scott

"Learning about debt was eye-opening."

Olivia Washington

"This was such a good opportunity to learn more about the Fintech industry."

Zaire Lodge

"I found the class very informative - it will help me with my future career endeavors."

Owen Millett

"The knowledge and skills I gained fueled my motivation to excel in the financial realm"

Ray Jones

Economic Development Department

"This three-pronged programme aims to provide the Bermudian learner with the benefits of theoretical instruction, hand-on training and development, project management, and the soft skills and network-building that come with meeting trailblazers and subject-matter expert."

Nevine Lewis

DCG International Investments Ltd.

Blysse changed my life!

"Networking is a cornerstone of career development, especially in the new and rapidly growing Fintech sector. By connecting with leaders at the forefront of innovation, participants gain invaluable insights and opportunities that can propel their careers locally and globally. The relationships forged during this programme will serve as a strong foundation for their future success."

Tram Anh Nguyen,


Different facets of the Programme

"CFTE is thrilled to partner with the Government of Bermuda to design a programme for the next generation of Fintech leaders. This initiative will provide Bermuda's learners with cutting-edge fintech education,

equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel and thrive in the fast-evolving financial sector. They will learn about the latest trends in finance, technology and FinTech and join a global community of practitioners around the world.“